When Apple announced the iOS 14 update included a new App Tracking Transparency (ATT) policy, a shiver went down the spine of every paid digital media specialist on the planet. The update will require iPhone users (as well as other Apple devices) to opt-into third-party ad tracking at the app level.

Them’s fighting words, Apple.

The ad tracking we’re referring to relies on Identifier for Advertisers (IDFAs) — one of the only ways to target and track…

The death of George Floyd and the many other black men and women who have been victims of police brutality will continue to be ignored by those who don’t want to see it.

That’s how the world we live in is designed — expose yourself to what you’d like to see, ignore the things you don’t, and dig those heels in deep to stay comfortable right where you are. I’m not pointing the finger here. I’m just as guilty as anyone else.

We choose to “block” opposing ideas from people who bother us on our social media newsfeeds. We “take…

I’ve never been to Santiago, Chile, but when I picture it, I’m imagining New York City along the South Pacific ocean. It’s the largest, most densely populated region of the country with over 5.614 million people. They have a subway system, most people don’t have cars, and it’s not an easy place to make a fair wage.

The cost of living is high compared to the typical household income. In most homes, you’ll find families with multi-generations living under one roof — grandparents, uncles and aunts, several children — and sometimes, even multiple families. This huge city is where the…

Illustration and movement by Joe Chisenall

A famed French mathematician and physicist of the 19th century, Henri Poincaré, was a big believer in the “creativity” of the subconscious mind. He even wrote a book about it that inspired works by Einstein and Picasso. Legend has it, Poincaré had been relentlessly attempting to solve a complex math problem for quite some time to no avail. Must have been a doozie. So, he decided to give his brain a break — disconnect from all thought of it. Weeks later he was mindlessly stepping onto a cable car when the solution appeared to him. Divine intervention? No. Subconscious intervention.

Lee Anna McGuire

Connecting with people through writing. Whether it’s a song, a blog, or a headline, the goal is always the same — understand the person you’re talking to.

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